About the Goo

I am Michael.  I'm 26, have a BS in microbiology which has turned out to be a lot of BS.  I feel extremely lucky to be in the position of being employed for slightly more than minimum wage.  I'd rather be sitting somewhere near the outside of a shit pile rather than struggling for air trying to swim up from the bottom.  That said, I don't believe in bitching, I believe in Doing.  I have a vision and an insatiable desire to live.  To not spend the rest of my life sucking the debt dick, and to not curse my mornings and ache for Saturday.  I've got a few ideas, some of them are hair brained and some of them are pretty good.  I feel like a good future is possible if people my age decide to make it.  We're so god damn complacent in being angry, apathetic, and fed barely enough to squeak by while we clamor for jewels and gold we are never going to have, and we never needed.  I am most of the time trying to be optimistic and regard the world around me with love, understanding the fact that it's always a balance between extremes and my personal utopia is meaningless.  But lately when I sniff the air, follow the money, and study the contexts, I am scared to death.  And I'm fucking disgusted because nobody seems to care. Prove me wrong.